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I can't check my cox webmail or emails!

I use Thunderbird on my PC and also cox mail on my ipad/iphone/imac but last week as of July 10th it stopped working. I can't check it from all these as well as online on cox webmail. I login and it just brings me back to the log in screen or it will bring me to this with a big printed letters saying Oops! We can't find that page!

When I log into my thunderbird it tells me:

Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: mail storage services unavailable, wait a few minutes and try again. Login to server failed.

My iPhone/iPad now tells me: The User name or password for "" is incorrect.

Need help!!

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  • Wow ok after 6 calls and hours later in a week span I finally talked to someone higher up that knows whats going on. I guess I was told that a virus/spam email was sent by someone/something and caused many cox emails to be shut/locked out. Why can't Cox just mention the issues instead of having me call and explain the same problems over and over to people who think my browser is wrong or my settings were changed! Angry

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