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Internet Issues - Twitch

So since about May of this year, I have been having some issues with the internet connection, specifically in regards to streaming on Twitch (or livestreaming in general). 
Anytime I've tried to stream since May, I basically just can't. Using a tool called the Twitch Bandwidth Test, you can see bandwidth usage and get ratings based on how good/bad the connection is. Normally, this is a great tool to use to gauge which server may be the best to stream to. However, anytime I try to use the tool now, the test immediately returns a "Failed" status on the bandwidth, which isn't too great. 
Another way I like to test stream is using Twitch Inspector. This site allows you to run a test stream and view in real-time how your connection is holding up. Once again though, there is some sort of error or issue that is happening, as anytime I use this, my connection tends to stay consistent to my bitrate settings in my stream encoder for a few moments, but after that, it falls to 0 kb/s and never recovers. 
At this point, I really do not know what else to try on my end. I've done all the things I can think to try with my limited knowledge of networks, including:

-Upgrading my network hardware 
-Upgrading to a faster plan

-Upgrading my PC's OS

-Testing multiple configs in my stream encoder settings

Again, I'm lost at this point. Speeds seem relatively consistent most of the time I check speed tests and the like, and downloads on things like Steam for PC games and my other systems connections seem pretty solid. I have noticed a few times that the connection does just give out for short periods of time, though that could just be due to weather or some sort of maintenance in the area. I have also seen that around the forums here, some other users are reporting inconsistent up/down speeds, which I have to wonder may be what is going on with me as well. I would greatly appreciate any info or help that could be provided, as I really just want to get back to a hobby I enjoy a lot, even if it's just that for now.