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Watch Espn not authorized

When I try to watch something on watches on it says you are not authorized to play this content. Please contact your provider. Why can't I watch these anymore?

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  • Im not exactly sure how it works now, because ESPN has changed what comes included with each package. Basically what ever ESPN offers to providers for free, you get. If ESPN charges extra money, then you need a video subscription with Cox to get it. See here for more info;

    If I have access to ESPN3, why don't I have access to WatchESPN?

    WatchESPN requires a video subscription from an affiliated provider. Click here for a list of the current affiliates.

    Beginning on August 15, 2013, users accessing or the WatchESPN mobile application via an on-campus (.edu) or on-base (.mil) network will receive complimentary access to ESPN3 content.


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