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Ridiculously constant packet loss!


I have experienced constant loss of connection multiple times per day in the 5 years I've had my account. It's gotten way worse since the pandemic started.

I had Cox techs out several years ago and they couldn't find any issues. To be honest, it's so time-consuming and frustrating to call and run through the multiple holds with staff who aren't trained to deal with this issue (all of whom try to upsell me on new products) that I've just been living with it.

Now though, it's reached ridiculous proportions. I'm losing connection every 5-10 minutes! My laptop is wired to my Motorola Modem/Router, but it loses connection more frequently, and is slower, than my Roku connection which is not wired with ethernet.

This is interfering with my ability to do school work at home, and I'm now way behind.

I've spent countless hours researching what to do (that's how I found out it's called packet loss). I've taken screen shots of Motorola's logs. They show over 3000 uncorrected counts of packet loss.

Today's T3/T4 chart shows over 30 critical and warning timeouts.

Motorola says that this is a Cox issue. I've read multiple similar posts and know that many Cox customers have dealt with this and don't seem to get it resolved.

This is beyond maddening, please, Cox, help me fix this issue. I'm paying way too much $$ to have such crappy connectivity.

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  • Call and get a tech scheduled to come out if you haven't already. Don't waste too much time talking with the chat or phone tech support. They don't either don't have the tools or don't know how to help you.

    On-site techs might be able to diagnose fix the issue if it actually is something going on with the cables or connectors.

    If they threaten to charge and you're worried about the cost, sign up for the Cox complete care for a small monthly extortion fee and you shouldn't be charged for on-site visits. At least that's what they told me when they sold it to me and so far no charge.

    If you're in my boat and have already had several on-site tech visits (I've lost count maybe more than 10) and brand new coax cables, connectors, modem and tap at the utility pole, they're probably not going to fix it. If you find a fix beyond that I'd like to know what it is.

    I've been dealing with what sounds like the same issue for more than 6 months and am tired of wasting time with another tech replacing the same thing the previous one did and telling me it's fixed.

    My guess based on the post below is that they're having capacity issues and rather than increasing capacity you're just gonna get gas lighted and told your connection is fine like my situation. That post has been pinned and locked for more than a year and contains zero solutions to fixing an overextended ISP.

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