Recent drops in internet service

About two weeks ago, we had a tree fall and take down wires after a storm.  My COX service was out for about 3 days.  Eventually, crews came and apparently replaced wires to return service.  Since that time I have had service issues and do not know how to bring this to the attention of my COX provider.  Here is a description of the known issue.

Since I work from home now, I have an additional work device attached to my home network.  This includes a switch that requires DHCP in order to communicate to the secured work network.  I am told that it is a hardware based VPN.  This secured network, at different periods of the day, appears to loose connection, while the other devices in the home appear to still have internet service.

After some help from my work network support team, I was able to identify that for sometimes lengthy periods during the day, my internet service drops to very low upload and download speeds.  Sometimes the upload speed drops to 0.00 for long periods.  This creates the issue that the switch loses connection to the work datacenter. These drops in speed are not as noticeable on my normal devices, but the switch is 100% effected by that immediately.  My work engineers have watched the switch and have reported that they are seeing anywhere from 3% up to 14% packet loss between my home network and the work datacenter.

Locally today, when I started experiencing the switch loosing connection to the secured network, I started doing speed tests as my work engineers directed me.  I used and tried to use the COX speed test on my account. reported speeds as low as 1.70 Mbps download and 0.00 Mbps upload at 4:00 PM today.  The COX speed test was not even usable at this time.  But, shortly after the service began to recover, the COX speed test also reported very low speeds.

I would like to bring this to the attention of my COX service provider to see what can be done.

Dave B.