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Cox wifi hotspot login fail to connect

  • It sounds like over time you my have had two separate issues. If you keep getting the locked out screen for too many login attempts and have not signed in for awhile, then I recommend deleting your cache and cookies to ensure that it is not saving a bad cookie on the Wifi Hotspot login site. Once you are able to connect again, can you ensure that Auto-connect is selected? This will allow you to move from one hotspot to another without having to reconnect. You can find more information about Wifi Hotspots at . 

    Tiffany R. 

    Cox Support Forum Moderator

    "Cox wifi hotspot I just looked at all the compatible devices for wifi, I have a Galaxy Note 9 which does not show as one of the compatible devices the most recent they have for Galaxy is the S8. Because it is not on the list of compatible devices could this be the reason I can never stay logged in to the Cox wifi hotspot? I've had no problem with my wifi at home, no complaints there, the speed is great no lagging or anything. It's been an absolute stressing and aggravating experience logging into the Cox wifi hotspot. It asks me for my Cox user ID I provide it with meticulous care and attention to not misspell, miss a capitol letter, leave lower case, or space after the ID or password. It's one of the most annoying happenings that happens with certain accounts of mine, you absolutely input ID/PW and mostly everything is typed correctly but way too many times have I had to call, live chatted with support in the matter. The first report of this most annoying occurence I talked to a Cox agent who changed my password asked me to sign in to my Cox Connect app, which I did through a library wifi and through text now app. I did so and I thought everything should be work‐ ing just fine as I walked away from the wifi and lost connection when I hit another wifi hotspot and asked me to sign in again to Cox wifi. Cox user ID and PW not at all hard to remember everytime I've checked my user ID/PW through the app after I've verified myself through address or question I look at my password and everything is correctly spelled. New I didn't pay attention that I named my 2Ghz and 5Ghz wireless networks the same so I changed the names and now I'm confused, they both have the same passwords or they have different PW one each. So neither should be my Cox User ID because that's my wireless network SSID but I've since then changed my passwords more than I care to count. The only user name and PW should be the one I use to login to my account or Cox Connect buttons it's not it's mostly guaranteed never, will not connect. The message reads as "Incorrect Cox username ID or PW or you failed to connect too many times you may be locked out. I reconnect thro wifi while I'm out somewhere or until i connect to my wifi at home and been hitting up Cox support in the matter to no resolution to as of wifi I have almost 100% of the time not been able to connect to the wifi hotspots at all, but as soon as I get connected to a wifi I log in to my account or Cox Connect just fine. Why is this happening? I've restarted my phone, uninstall and reinstalled the app, support agent told me to change the PW connects but WILL NOT allow me to reconnect so what's the point of the remember username ID check box when it's left checked but never remembers me, same wifi hotspot or not. But my Samsung pass remembers my usernames/IDs but no, wifi hotspot login page fails to recognize any ID or PW of the sort, it insist I may have entered the wrong login information and am locked out, but I JUST changed my password... I JUST logged in to my account on my browser AND Cox Connect app. What in the actual failed connections is happening? Last agent one of maybe four perhaps 5 can't explain anything to me of what's going on and it's not that they're clueless but this is an issue that they can only leave a note for someone else in a different department which I completely understand the support team is always most helpful but this matter is at another level that they can't fix and have been very helpful with any other issues or questions I've had. I hope this issue can be resolved but posting this up and maybe someone else has this same issue as I saw no forum with this problem at all and maybe it can help others that have a similar issue but they simply change their username ID or PW or any thing else Cox Support teams suggest as you should NOT HAVE just go ahead and just try suggestions from anyone from a forum but contact a Cox support team agent before you do anything. I've yet to her word from Cox about this matter I'll keep checking in with them see if they have any new developments or have looked into my issue with wifi hotspot login -NOT my home wifi, which works beautifully no problem there. Cox, what's up here?"

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