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Panoramic WiFi / Gigablast problems

i recently upgraded to panoramic and gigablast.. I thought that it would really make a difference, but it’s caused nothing but problems. I was better off staying with my Netgear products that I bought and installed myself.

when I had this installed I was never told about adding extenders to the panoramic WiFi . Cox now wants another $75.00 to have a tech come out again and take care of my so called dead spots....why couldn’t this be done when the tech came out to install the panoramic-gigablast modem.

This combination of WiFi is slow and drops signal a lot ......I’ve called cox on this and they keep referring the extenders and tech to come out.

i just think that they could’ve done a better job of selling and installing a complete system! Centurylink sure does look pretty good right about now!!!!

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