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Slow upload speed

I have been getting slow upload speeds lately. on the 50/5 plan that normally I get 100/10, but lately have only been getting 100/1. Tested with multiple speed tests and the internet is slow to load new pages and more buffering on videos. Tried rebooting the modem and bypassing the router and have the same issue. 

  • Hi F5alcon, pings to your modem show packet loss, which can certainly impact your internet speeds. Are there any splitters on the coax connection to the modem? If so, bypass the splitter temporarily, connect your modem directly to the coax from the cable outlet, and reset your modem. Do your speeds improve? Run a few speed tests to compare your results. If speeds improve, replacing the splitter might be all you need. If there is no splitter, or if bypassing the splitter makes no noticeable difference, I suggest a service call so an on-site tech can resolve this for you. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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