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Setting shutoff time on wifi and modem

Ok stupid question but I am gonna ask it. We have all our devices on wifi at home. is there a way to set the modem to turn off at a certain time and turn on at a certain time? Other than just unplugging it. They are smart enough to go plug it back in...and I don't want to have to keep changing the password every night to kick them off.

  • If your question is there a way to shut off the MODEM via some kind of software or signal Cox sends; no. You can use a normal electrical timer to switch it off, then back on at certain times. They are pretty cheap, but if they can plug a modem back in they can just bypass the timer.

    Another option would depend on what kind of router you have. Certain ones have the ability to set a wireless schedule that turns the wireless off at certain times. This would not stop the wired internet from working though. Some routers even have special parental controls or scheduled MAC filters that will block only certain computers, or certain websites, and only at certain times. It all gets very complex though, so if your a laymen, you might need some help.

    I think the best answer might be the old fashion method. I assume these people are your family or even children? I know when my mom caught me online late at night, she would take something to disable the computer for a week. Usually the mouse ball or power cord. The problem with all these methods though is they create a kind of escalation as you find ways to stop them, and they find ways to get it. Its the age old battle of parenthood. ::grin::

  • As the previous poster said, there are routers (and router mods - DD-WRT) that allow you to schedule times for access or individual site access. This means you can set a time and day(s) of week to turn off wi-fi and/or to block sites by individual device. As long as your password is a good one, there isn't any way someone is going to turn it all back on,