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spam phishing and blocked addresses

going a bit goofy here over all the junk in my mail.  two problems really buggin' me

1. i have been faithfully marking emails to be blocked or blacklisted, but it seems that about half of the time i get a message the address is already on the list; why does blacklisting not block those addresses on my account?

2. Now i get a message that the blacklist is full and that i need to remove some items in order to add the latest offending addresses.  I cannot find the list or how to remove... can someone point out how to do that annnnnnd i hope that the list is time ordered 

thanks in advance for any help!!

  • First, welcome to the Forum!

    1. I think it's either the filters don't work, or the email in the "From" field is a fake email and they are actually coming from different domains. Spammer use the trick to get around spam filters, but most anti-spam filter can see through the trick. Cox anti-spam is lacking IMO however.

    2. Which webmail do you use? Classic? Enhanced? Or the "new" email platform? They all have different user interfaces, so the instructions will be different for each. I use the new platform, so I find my filters under Settings > Inbox > Filter Rules and Blocked Senders. Keep in mind these two things are separate so try the difference between creating a rule to delete the message versus blocking the user from emailing you in the first place. You can auto create a rule by opening a email, click the three lines next to delete, and click on "create filter rule".

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