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Disgusted with spam problem

In the past 12 days, I have moved 74 spam emails from my inbox to my spam folder. A few months ago and Many years prior to this I had zero spam emails for very long periods of time and never had any multiple spam problems whatsoever. Something is very wrong at Cox to have not resolved this problem. When I phoned Cox, I was told that many customers have been complaining about a recent increase in receiving spam. I dread having to change my cox email address to another company after having this account for many years, but if this continues, that may be my only solution. Has anyone else quit using Cox email due to this problem? (Chase)

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  • and yeah, any forum moderators out there??? not that there's much you can say.  i don't know how to contact the webmail "team" that has supposedly been "working a ticket" on my spam complaint...exactly like this one...since may 16th or 17th? i'd like to say there's been NO improvement on either blocking phishing scams from my inbox OR marking spam that i've told you a hundred times IS NOT SPAM! from my spam folder. i'll get two mails a day from some organizations & while that is annoying enough...IT IS NOT SPAM! and one will go to spam & one will come to my inbox. 

    i'm done with this.  you cannot produce.  and i am changing my password in 2 days so you'll have to get out. unless someone contacts me.

    like others said, refusing to give credit because "we don't change for email" is **.  we pay plenty for email.  it's just not a line item. but it sure as hell must be included for the internet charge because that is waaaay more than an old technology should cost.

  • and yeah, any forum moderators out there???

    Personally, I don't think the moderators have any business posting here, and I have even asked them not to. These should be for work-arounds and venting. What it comes down to is Cox outsourced their email but used very tight branding, to the point even their employees didn't know. So all the old support options look in place, but they don't go anywhere. There probably is a new email team, but there is also a possibility that Cox didn't pay the outsourced group for the full support option. They probably also didn't pay for the full spam package, and that's why the anti-spam is so busted. I imagine when you don't pay, they flood you with spam so the provider gets pushed to upgrade. 

    So yea, this is way above the pay grade of anyone in the social media team, but even way above any engineer or Tier 2 CSR you could get by calling. You would need a product manager or even the CEO to get involved to make a change this late into the transition. From a economic stand point, unless a lot of customers left Cox because of the email issue, it doesn't make sense to pay for any improvements to the email service. Might as well be asking to bring back personal webspace.

    Instead, I think the best way to get our voices heard is to create an account on DSLReports and post on Cox's forum there. Don't spam it with anom. post, but legit conversation there on the issues reported here could create real change. Many engineers and corporate types read DSLReports with their morning coffee, so it really does shine a spot light on the issue.

    PS. I don't mean to appose anyone not to post here. I am only offering a different outlet since this one seems pointless.