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Disgusted with spam problem

In the past 12 days, I have moved 74 spam emails from my inbox to my spam folder. A few months ago and Many years prior to this I had zero spam emails for very long periods of time and never had any multiple spam problems whatsoever. Something is very wrong at Cox to have not resolved this problem. When I phoned Cox, I was told that many customers have been complaining about a recent increase in receiving spam. I dread having to change my cox email address to another company after having this account for many years, but if this continues, that may be my only solution. Has anyone else quit using Cox email due to this problem? (Chase)

  • Yes, I have seen a definite increase with Spam getting through. Not only that, but I have reported the same emails as Spam more than 10 times and they are still getting through. Cox needs better Spam filters.

    And the email is not free, I pay a lot of money for my Cox Internet service.

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