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changing the COX router (rental), name and password?

I'm renting one of COX router's a Wireless Cable Gateway CG3000D.  My tenant's are using my internet.  I need to change something so they can't get on anymore...How do I do this?

  • For reference, see the manual here:

    1. Sign in to your router ... enter into a browser address bar.  It will ask for userid and password, default is admin/password (manual pg 7-8).
    2. Select Settings/Wireless Settings
    3. Make sure you are using WPA or WPA2 security, change the Pre-shared Key (PSK), this is the password used to connect over WiFi (manual pg 11-12).
    4.  You may also want to change the default router login password ... see manual pg 22-23 for details.

  • Hi Neeks,

    Please let us know if you were successful in resetting your network password. We want to make sure no one can access your internet without your consent.