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False advertising of speeds

I had cox internet installed just yesterday. I ordered it because recently the speeds in my area had increased, or so I thought.

Online, I see that the premier package is 50mbps. Here's a screenshot as proof.

Well, once it's installed, I run speed tests and find that I'm getting 28-30mbps. Here's some information:

- I have a motorola 6141

- I have reset/rebooted everything many times, checked connections, connected directly to modem, etc.

I called tech support today. He tells me my speeds are what they should be. The speeds haven't been upgraded yet. He says he has no idea when the speeds will be upgraded.

So, is that true?  I would like to get confirmation that the tech was correct before I take this further. Your speedy reply is appreciated.

  • A couple things.  Cox doesn't guarantee download speeds, if you read it says "Download speeds of up to 50 Mbps."  There is a definite minimum threshold, but you not getting 50 Mbps isn't going to cause any uproar with tech support provided you are above the minimum.  Also, you share bandwidth with the rest of your neighborhood that also uses Cox HSI, which is why at peak hours in the evenings, when all the middle and high school kids are done with their homework, speeds drop due to Xbox or PS3 gaming or Netflix streaming.  And again, if you're not dropping below the threshold, Cox isn't going to be too concerned.

    Your question isn't anything new, and the answer has been the same since Cox went in to the HSI business.  If you want guaranteed speeds your option is fiber.

  • Hmm I see. So, you read my entire post? Maybe I should clarify further.

    1. Two years ago, I had cox internet. I had the premier tier, back when the advertised speed was 25mbps. My speedtest results were always 25-33mbps, regardless of the time of day.

    2. I switched to U-verse two years ago for the price. Recently, I was told that Cox upgraded its speeds, so I checked online to confirm. (See screenshot above). I decided to switch back to Cox internet for the speed increase and lower latency that was impossible to achieve on U-verse's interleaved connection (I am a PC gamer).

    3. I get it installed yesterday. Speedtest produces the same results as if I were back on the premier plan of two years ago. Please note that peak time dropoffs are not an issue where I live. There are a lot of retirees who have internet but rarely use it, and 75% of my neighborhood has switched to U-Verse. For the several years I had cox prior to switching, I never experienced peak time slow-downs. HOWEVER, I still ran the speed test at other hours of the night last night, (i.e. 12am, 3am), directly connected to the modem. It yielded the same results.

    4. The tech support guy on the phone told me today that the premier plan in my area is NOT 50mbps, despite what the website said. He said, and I quote, "you need ultimate to get speeds up to 50gbps."

    So, this issue here is what I ordered vs. what is actually available.

  • Hello StephenP85,

    I can verify what the correct speeds are in your area for the Tier of internet service you are subscribed to.  I would need some information from you, if you could email me at and include your name, phone number, street address.  I will be able to verify what the correct speeds are.  If you are in fact supposed to be getting up to 50 Mbps, then some more troubleshooting would need to be done.