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High latency internet and terrible speeds.

I have been back and forth between twitter CS, phone CS, and having "techs" come out to my house. So far, nothing has been fixed, and all I keep hearing is "everything is showing good"

T2 Tech: "I see where you are having packet loss, I'm going to schedule someone to come out and take a look."

4 days later "I ran some tests, and everything is showing good and passing."

Twitter CS: "I am seeing an 8% packet loss on the ping to the modem"

Twitter CS 3 days later: "The modem is up and running with a good signal"

Generally, most of my time spent on the computer is either playing games or coding. My normal in-game latency is around 40-50ms on a regular basis for the primary game that I play. It is a multi player game, that people expect me to be available for certain periods of time on certain nights. For the past week (November 24, 2015 until today November 28, 2015) I've been getting periodic latency spikes and packet drops. It's happens quite often and so far have been unable to figure out the cause. At the present, I've replaced my modem with another one, but have yet to have someone come out and actually take a look at the line to the house. In fact, I've replaced my modem a number of times in the last year and have had repeated visits by "techs" who have come out and have only had small fixes for whatever problem I'm seeing. At the present, my internet is spotty and is even taking webpages to have long load times. Now, considering this isn't an issue directly related to the server of the games that I play, but it affects the internet as a whole at my house, as you can see if you view the bottom screen caps directed between and the servers. You can see that it's not due to bad routing to one server, but that it's affecting everything that I connect with. I am extremely frustrated with this and so is my fiancee. 6:55p 106

Here are some screen caps from WinMTR showing ping traces to and to the game's servers. (Oh look, 2k+ pings and 6-9% packet loss to address)

Blizzard Servers:

Speed tests: Cox (looks decent) (shows actual proof that it's terrible, even little graph at bottom shows where it was back in september vs now) (again, terrible speed... why is cox site only one showing good when everyone else is showing what it really is like? Hrm...)

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  • Promdates said:
    And yes, there is an average ping that is low, that isn't the issue

    If you ping what is your average latency? If it's over 1-2ms that is a problem. The gateway is a modem and router combined. The modem provides the WAN connection, and the router inside provides the LAN, or network. If you have something causing latency on your LAN, then that needs to be fixed first IMO. Do you have a stand alone modem you can try?

    Promdates said:

    Looking at your signal levels, I see uncorrectables on downstream channel 8. I also notice your only bonding on 3 channels, not 4. Is this normal?

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