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How can I update the firmware on my Cisco DPC3825?

My Cisco DPC3825 is dated June 2012, recently it has been problematic.  How can I update firmware?

  • @DgDean1

    While it will be sufficient it would actually be a downgrade from the 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 device you have now.  Real world impact would be that you're no eligible for a speed increase.  If that's not an issue for you just connect it and fill out the self-activation form you're redirected to when you try to go online.  Once our device is returned the rental charge can be removed from  your account for a small savings.

  • Your orginal DPC3825, which is a gateway with Wifi. The SB6121 is a modem without Wifi. Do you have your own router? That would be something you would need to consider before switching.

    Also, how much did you pay for the SB6121? It see its about 75$ at Walmart. If your OK with buying online the Netgear CM400 is 65$ on Newegg and is a much newer modem with 8x4 tuner, compared to the SB6121 4x4. Its also available at Walmart too for the same price.