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HBO go app!!

Ok so every time i go on my ipad to log into hbo go i get an error saying that my cox subscription does not include hbo, or that i am attempting to log in with out the primary account username and password. I am subscribed to HBO, and Starz i have no problem logging into the Starz play app, and hbo on my tv works fine please help i am paying so that i could enjoy these premium channel services where ever  i am.

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  • Hi i seem to be having the same issue. On top of that I can't access TV from my computer through the Cox website. I don't actually have a TV but I was told I could watch it online and access HBO and stars through apps So I went ahead and upgraded. Now I'm paying for it and I can't get any shows It's very frustrating. Please let me know if there's a way to fix it. Not only can I not access it from my desktop but I cannot access it from my iPad either Through the Contour app. 

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