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HBO go app!!

Ok so every time i go on my ipad to log into hbo go i get an error saying that my cox subscription does not include hbo, or that i am attempting to log in with out the primary account username and password. I am subscribed to HBO, and Starz i have no problem logging into the Starz play app, and hbo on my tv works fine please help i am paying so that i could enjoy these premium channel services where ever  i am.

  • I cant Sign Into HBO go app, 

    I'd like to take a closer look at things. I agree that it's odd for the username to work for one app and not another. Please email your account information (address with city and state, your full name, name on the account if different from yours, and the Cox PIN or last 4 of the account holder's Social) the username you are signing in with and a reference to this forum post to so we can get to the bottom of this. 

  • Hi i seem to be having the same issue. On top of that I can't access TV from my computer through the Cox website. I don't actually have a TV but I was told I could watch it online and access HBO and stars through apps So I went ahead and upgraded. Now I'm paying for it and I can't get any shows It's very frustrating. Please let me know if there's a way to fix it. Not only can I not access it from my desktop but I cannot access it from my iPad either Through the Contour app. 

  • Hall.Audrey82, 

    In order to access online video content you must be registered on the Cox website.  You can register at