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I have been a Cox costumer for over 10 years and not happy at all. Every time I try to link my tv provider subscription to the ESPN and NBA app it tells me that “ We are having technical difficulties and to please try again later”.  I am able to link my tv provider subscription through the Safari and  Google browser but that’s it . The apps for some reason is the only time I am seeing that message about the technical difficulties. I am using a iPhone 14pro, I’ve checked my software , uninstalled and reinstalled the apps, even called apple to make sure it wasn’t my phone and they ran diagnostic tests and everything passed . I even tried on my wife’s iPhone 13pro and she is getting the same message . So that’s 2 different devices using the same log in getting the same results. I seen on here that other people are getting the same message I am but only she the try to log into the Cox app but fortunately I am not having that issue with the Cox app as I am able to log in fine . I believe that it’s the Cox login portal that is causing this problem. I’ve literally done everything that I possibly could think of to solve this problem so if anyone has any advice please feel free to reply back. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello , so i was able to get everything working yesterday thanks to a Cox support specialist through this forum. He had me go to my Cox app and go to check and see if my two step verification setting was turned on and if it was to turn it off . It was enabled so I turned it off and  then he wanted me to go the the ESPN and nba apps to see if everything worked and low and behold it did . I was able to sign into apps  with my Cox provider. So give that a try and hope it works for you cause it did for me . 

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