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Could Cox add an option to Expand All replies within a post?

If I participate in a post and get a notification of a new (unread) reply in said post; clicking the notification icon will go to the new reply but...because I have limited mental capacity...I don't remember the context of the question to prompt the new reply.  (I hope this makes sense.)

There are links (Load Next) to "locally" or "relatively" expand the conversation around the new reply but these links are sometimes above or below the new reply and I easily lose my place within the post.

Along with the 3 sort-options at the top of each post (Oldest, Votes, Newest), could Cox add another option to Expand All?  This way, with my goldfish-like memory, I could easily scroll upward or downward and not lose my train-of-thought.

  • I'd like functionality added to reset my incorrect, unread notifications count so that I can get rid of the little white "1" inside the red circle.    The webpage currently has no automated means to reconcile the actual number of unread notifications with the displayed unread notifications count.  An additional process is needed to identify and correct discrepancies between the two that are the result of an error.  The most user-friendly option would be to re-count and reset this unread notifications count, if there's a discrepancy, when the webpage is initially loaded.  But alternatively, it could be done when the user clicks the notifications icon.  

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