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ESPN HD Error 900.primetime.102100.5

I have been getting "Error 900.primetime.102100.5" on ESPN and ESPN2 HD channels the past couple of days using the Contour app on PC or tablet.  Regular standard ESPN and ESPN 2 channel works.  Other HD channels also stream fine via the Contour app.  Any idea why ESPN HD channels are having this error?  Thanks.

  • Happen to try Cox/DHCP DNS? If not, then I think it's a DNS issue on Cox's side. Just going by what others have reported for that error number on Comcast forum, so I could be way off, but since its the same X1 platform, most of the errors have been congruent so far. 

  • Cox DNS and  Flushed DNS on PC, rebooted tablet.  Same issue.  The ESPN HD channels used to work up until last Friday 6/24.  Cox changed something on their end.  Since then all HD channels work except ESPN.  Cox support, please fix this.

  • Hi Pock,

    Is this happening when you are connected to your home network? What happens if you change your settings to obtain DNS automatically?

  • Hi AzeeRat,

    I apologize that I missed your post earlier today. Are you receiving this error on a mobile device like a tablet, or via an internet browser on a PC? What are your current DNS settings?

  • Current DNS settings on both PC and tablet from my home network via Cox internet service.

    On PC, when trying to access ESPN or ESPN2 HD channels, we get "Error 900.primetime.102100.5"

    On tablet, when trying to access ESPN or ESPN2 HD channels, we get "Unhandled Error::106000::Something has gone wrong."

    All other HD channels work fine on both PC and tablet.  Only the two ESPN channels are giving errors.