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11 months ago

Yurview TV cannot record programming

I am not able to record any programming on the Yurview channel. All other channels I can. Any ideas why? Thanks

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  • Hi Orange, what happens when you try to record a show on the YurView channel? Do you get an error message? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Nothing it goes through the motions like it's going to tape it but nothing else happens and I receive no errors

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        Hi there, I apologize for the delay in getting to your message.  I just went ahead and tried recording a show on Yurview and had no trouble at all.  When you try to record a show are you setting the recording via the Guide or are you pressing the record button while a show is on?  

  • Thank you. Please send me your complete address in a Private Message so I can assist you. -Doris

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