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5 years ago

Youtube App stopped working in Contour 2 TV Box

This morning when I turned on my television to access the Youtube app on my Contour 2 TV box it will take me to the Youtube icon on the internet, but once it is finished downloading to open up the service the TV screen just goes black and nothing shows up. All of the other Apps like Netflix etc are working, just the Youtube App is dead. What is going on with this. It was working fine last night. I am nowhere near exceeding my monthly usage which I never exceed. I unplugged all of my equipment, TV, Contour 2 box, my Panoramic wifi router and it did two resets and it the Youtube App is still not working on my TV. Does anyone have a fix or suggestions. One other thing, Cox continues to made all sorts of settings changes with my phone service, security service, but they never notify me of any of the changes and then I find out that the changes are affecting my services such as receiving blocked number calls which I never had turned on, but Cox turned it on without telling me. My doctors and research staff could not make calls to my home using their blocked numbers because Cox turned on the blocked numbers service without telling me. I have several other similar examples of other settings changes being done remotely by Cox without my permission.

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    Hi James, we apologize for the YouTube issues. Can you please include a link to this forum thread and email us at, for advanced troubleshooting support? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator