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Why is everything so hard for Cox? Why can't you get a straight answer? Why can't they do anything without screwing up?

My saga starts when I realized that I was being charged $10/mo for the Sports info Pack (SIP). I called cox and found that this is something they add automatically with a bundle. Nobody told me and it took some work to figure out what was included in this pack. I'm not a big sports fan so when I realized I didn't want any of the channels in the SIP I asked Cox to remove it. After 13 years I figure I paid $1500+ dollars for something I didn't want. Well it took them 3 months to cancel and multiple calls (which they did credit me for) only for me to find out that some of the stations I did like went away. That's when I learned on my own (not by Cox mentioning it after repeated phone and chat discussions) that I get the Bonus Pack free with the SIP so I lost that too..Uhhhggg. So just to add insult to injury, after removing the SIP from my services they sent me a new TV Box. I have 4 already and didn't need a new one.....WTF COX? I had to call back and of course they are going to charge me for it if I don't return it so they sent me another box to return that box in....(pulls hair out and screams!!!!!) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR SCREW UPS COX!!!

I did more research and figured I could use the Variety Pack (VP). I checked with cox and verified that if I ordered the VP and there was an $8.50/mo special for 12 months. I tried to do that on-line but you can't add a service without ordering YET ANOTHER TV Box.....WHAT!!! So I opened a chat with sales. The second girl couldn't help because she was getting an error and was transferring me to a "specialist" when I got disconnected and had to start a new chat. Started a new chat and ended up with the same person I had the first time. I said a bad word and she threatened to hang up on me. I told her she couldn't help because she would get the same error so she connected me to a person that assured me he was a technical specialist. I told him all I wanted to do was add the VP and get the Bonus pack on my existing service without getting a new TV Box. He said he could do this but an hour and a half later and multiple re-boots of my boxes he was not able to do it and said he was going to have to schedule a tech to come to my house. It was working on one of my DVRs but not the other and neither of my two TV boxes.

So again to add insult to injury, I was told they would CHARGE ME for the tech visit and they would call within 24-48 hours. They still haven't called after 48hrs.

Get your act together Cox!!

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    TV paks are a scam.  It's a way to get more money from popular channels.  Cox will price it as 10 "good" channels but it's actually the 1 channel you'd watch priced as 10 channels.

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      Agreed, out of the 150 or so channels I have for my subscription I use about 20. I don't think Cox is much different in that respect. Nobody sells individual channels, that would probably put alot of cable sites out of business. But if you do want to buy a package, why can't they do it? Why do you need to add a TV box. If your just adding channels you obviously already have one!

  • Hello Scwaco,

    Customer Service is very important to us and I am sorry to learn of your experience. If you would, please send us an email with your name and address to so that we can get to the bottom of this. Be sure to include this URL in your message.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator