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3 years ago

Why, why did I get signed up for TV?

I do not want TV, I will never ever want TV, I have said no to TV every single freaking time I've talked to an agent. Suddenly TV is sneaking into my bill. Is this somewhere in the terms and conditions? Can I get a refund on the $40 I got charged for this ** I'm not gonna use? Is there at least a way to get my account marked as NEVER PUT TV ON HERE AGAIN? I hate every single cable company, all of you are bloodsucking vampires. I picked cox because I thought you were the vampires who took the most reasonable amount of blood. Can you prove me right on that and quit tacking stuff on? No TV. Ever. If I see myself signed up for TV again I will cancel my 12 year subscription to this company and deal with crappy internet out of pure spite.

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