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7 years ago

Why no program (App) to watch cox tv on PC

I have noticed that using the and a web browser really uses up the processor resources on a PC. How I noticed this is I have had acouple of all in one computers that can play all kinds of dvds and online videos (youtube ect...) without a problem but using the with firefox they have issues. I have used Chrome and it does better then firefox but I was wondering does cox have a program or App that can be used with a PC instead of having to use a web browser? They have the contour app (which I have used on cell phones and also a tablet) and it works perfectly so why can't there be something similar for a PC, like a standalone program and not a browser?

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We do not currently have an app that can be used with pc. Hopefully, in the future we will have more options for online viewing of content.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.