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2 years ago

Why can't I log into HBO Max or ESPN on my iPad

I am getting the error shown below on my iPad which is "Sign In Error. We are experiencing technical difficulties.  Please try again later"

It never works, no matter how long I wait or how many times I try again.  This is not a technical difficulty.  This is a defect.

I cannot log into HBO Max or ESPN.  I can log into AMC, it uses a different authentication method that works with Cox.  It pops open a web page.

I can log into HBO Max on my Mac using Safari.  That works fine.  This appears to be a defect on the Apple iPad.  I have yet to try this on my phone.

I need this working on my iPad, not my computer.  I don't take my computer to where I view my shows.  I need this working on my iPad.

Also, watching with contour is not great.  Contour does not track where I stopped watching an HBA show and always restarts what I want to watch.  I have to search for the last scene I watched when I want to resume watching.  Really annoying.  Contour is not working well so that isn't a great option for me.  

Bottom line, I'm not having a great experience with COX and HBO Max because of this.  I can't use the HBO Max platform (their app) to watch shows.  E.g. I want to see if I can download and watch shows while I am traveling.  Using contour is klunky.  It works but not well enough.  

This is a major problem for me.  I just signed up for a year of this and this is the first week.  I am frustrated.  I spent almost an hour with tech support last night on chat.  I was suppose to get an email this morning with something to make this work.  I got nothing.  I am hoping support can get this problem identified and fixed.

I have reset my password (always a good thing to do anyway).  I have quit and restarted the application to no avail.  I've tested on my Mac as I said above and that works. I even shutdown and restarted the iPad.  Nothing clears this problem.  It is persistent.

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    How are you signed in using the HBO Max app on your iPad?  I read the instructions and it reads if you're signed into the app, sign out and then sign in with your Cox credentials.

    If it fails again, it then instructs to remove your TV provider in Settings:
    Settings > TV Provider > Remove TV Provider > try again

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    You should remove your image because it reveals your username.

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      Try adding to your username, as the login username is an email address. You are missing the domain name. 

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        I was under the impression the OP had just subscribed.  If so, Cox wouldn't have issued an email address because Cox stopped email service to new subscribers as of, I think, 2015.

        UPDATE:  Not 2015 but 2019.

        "Cox Email is a free service that was included with all Cox High Speed Internet packages. As of August 15, 2019, Cox Email is no longer available to new users."