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7 years ago

What To Expect From Cox TV

Ok, here goes the questions...  I've had Cox Internet for some 14 years.  I never have had their TV programming.   I've had Dish Network for 18 years and I might switch to Cox Contour TV and with the Internet bundle setup.

When I setup Dish network,  I bought my own receivers and satellite dish equipment and did all the cable wiring myself.   I would like to do that with Cox Cable...if at all possible to save on their high installation fee(s).  The Cox coax comes to the "side" of the home...their is no plastic box on the side of the home. I coaxed the cables from that connector to the two rooms that have the routers and computers... no problem whatsoever.

Question(s).   Will Cox allow me to set up the two HD receivers and install the box on the side of the home?   If so,  how to I ask Cox that would be my plan?

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