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8 months ago

Weird Local CHannel behavior

We have two TiVo's both with CableCards & Tuning Adapters.  Over the past few months the following has been occurring pretty regularly, but, at different times...

On our local channels only, in the early morning 5am-9am(ish) all of our local channels either start breaking up, digital artifacts & eventually we get a screen with a message basically saying Channel not available or cannot tune to that channel. Every other channel works fine from CNN, Weather Channel, HBO, Max, etc. Only the local channels.

Usually later in the AM the channels miraculously work again, then around 5pm they exhibit the same symptoms.  Cox cannot figure out what's happening & want to dispatch a tech, which would cost me $75 if they don't find an issue.  There is a high possibility that they won't find an issue unless they can come out when it's occurring.

I want to say it's obviously something in Cox's infrastructure causing this, since it is both Tito's exhibiting the same thing. I've tried removing a splitter for one Tivo in case it was a signal issue, but, no difference.

Getting ready to cut the cord, we now switch the TV over to Plex in the AM which get's it's antenna feed form a HDHomeRun (now with ATSC3.0, superior picture, than cable as well). 

Anyone have any ideas on how to proceed?

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    Digital tiling is associated with a signal issue, or some kind of ingress/interference, (think ham radio). Double check all your connections and ensure they are snug, (Never use a wrench, if you over tighten, it can cause the contacts inside to spread out too far and ruin your connection), replace old cable wires, and splitters, and see if that helps. If not, then a cox technician may be the answer.