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2 years ago

Voice Remote Control--- You censored my words

I was using my cox remote control voice feature. I spoke the title of a documentary I wanted to see, on YouTube, into the remote. The title is "Animals, ** & Dialogue: Breakfast with Hunter Vol. 2". Then on my TV it said (in print) "I cannot handle commands with that type of language.". I checked my parental controls and made sure they were all 'off'. And they were off. I assume cox has an issue with the word "**"..?.. WHO ARE YOU, cox, to tell me that I can't speak the word "**" into my remote control when my PARENTAL CONTROLS ARE TURNED OFF.!!???!! In this case, WHY EVEN HAVE PATRENTAL CONTROLS when YOU CENSOR my words anyway???!!?? There has not even been a child in my house since I've had cox, and that's been 21 YEARS!!!! I'm 82 years old and typing in that title the hard way, is very hard for me to do......

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    Also not Contour Voice approved movies:

    Beware of a Holy [that type of language] (1971)
    The Mother and the [that type of language] (1973)
    The Best Little [that type of language]house in Texas (1982)
    [that type of language] (1991)
    [that type of language] (2008)

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    Hi MatSubZero,

    I can understand that typing that out would be rather frustrating. Currently, the parental control settings we have isn't catered to language directed at voice controls but rather the programming itself. Since the voice control doesn't allow that sort of language, I would recommend trying to say as much of the title that you can without using that word. I know that isn't always ideal, but it may be a better work around than typing out the entirety of the title in question.

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      Why would you even censor it? I pay you, I should not be limited because you choose to not like a word. It's just a word for christs sake... But more importantly, it is censorship.. Are you a book burner too???

      ... TY for a reply.