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7 years ago

Voice narration on certain shows

As I have seen in other conversation on this forum, we have started having an issue where certain shows are having extra voice narration. Don't know hwy the other conversations are closed off since this seems to be an ongoing issue. 

Worked with two technicians tonight. Was watching Deadliest Catch on Discovery. Kept hearing the added narration not normal to the show. They had use check all settings on both cable boxes and TVs, all were set correctly. On that same channel, Expedition Unknown came on and there was no extra narration. Read a post where someone mentioned if this is happening, COX has messed up the audio feeds, which I wouldn't be surprised. Since we couldn't get it to go away in either the settings or by toggling the "D" on and off when pressing the down arrow on the remote and having the box reset twice, we were told to call back before 5PM our time so someone at IT in Atlanta can look at it. being that COX is literally twice as expensive as Spectrum when we lived in Hawai'i (with no data caps, mind you) and have several issues since living here this last year, we might just do internet only and watch our shows on Amazon and Netflix. 

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