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3 years ago

Unreliable service

I've been experiencing frequent TV outages where the sound on TV goes out or picture just goes black. This requires a restart of the cable box and sometimes even the internet modem. Sometimes after the restart the problem persists. When changing channels through the guide or with the channel button, the TV lags considerably.
Internet also seems to lag periodically, cutting out in the middle of the day, which makes working from home an ordeal.
This is after the first TV box and internet modem I got just plain did not work. The second set lagged so badly in both internet and TV it was practically unusable. So this is set number 3, which I guess you could say "works" but is still not quite right.
I have never experienced such unreliable service from any other internet/TV provider. It's really ridiculous that they charge so much for such awful service.

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    That sounds like a signal issue.  When you press a button on your TV remote, a command is sent to a Cox server which then sends back a reply to the cable box.  A poor signal can cause a slow response to remote commands and can even cause the cable box to lock up.  It's possible there may not have been anything wrong with one or both of your first two cable boxes.

    You should schedule a tech visit to check your signal strength.  If your cable comes in from a pole, be sure to request the tech have a long ladder to enable the signal to be tested at the tap.  If the tech determines you have a main line signal issue, he will notify Cox.  They will escalate the issue to have a line technician research and make necessary corrections, at no cost to you.

    Email with your full name, the service address and a link to this thread.