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5 years ago

Tuning Adapter Not Working

I had a TiVo Bolt VOX and associated cable card and tuning adapter which had been working fine for the last 14 months.

The Bolt recently failed and I was sent a replacement unit. I installed the cable card in the new unit, contacted Cox support and got things working.

However, the technician said that the tuning adapter was taking unusually long to start and recommended getting a new TA.

I got a new TA which was supposedly provisioned at the Cox store. When I installed it, it would not complete the startup process and would blink continuously. I contacted Cox support and we tried a couple of restarts with no success, so a technician was scheduled to come out.

The Technician arrived today, swapped in another unit but was unsuccessful in getting things to work. The box is now showing 8 blinks, pause, 8 blinks continuously. He checked signal levels at the TA and said everything looked fine. He put in a ticket to have someone look at Cox external infrastructure.

So now I'm waiting to hear from someone about whether they find anything.

I wasn't surprised that the technician did not look at the TA diagnostic screens. It seems that all of this information would offer some indication of what is wrong, yet never is checked by techs. .

This is messy enough that I seriously will be looking at FIOS after almost 20 years with Cox.

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  • Hi Gary,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue with the cablecard on your new Tivo device. Please reach out to us privately at and provide your account information including full street address and a link to this forum post.

    Greg P
    Cox Forums Moderator