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4 years ago

TIVO and Premium channels stopped working

On Christmas 2020 at noon, I lost most of my premium channels on all three of my Tivo boxes (using cable cards and tuning adapters connected to Cox.)  Since that time, no less than 4 service calls have resulting in absolutely no progress on resolving the issue!  Two appointments ago, a network tech told me that my home was not receiving a particular "frequency" that Tivo needs to see the premium channels.  Since then, I've had appointments to resolve the issue cancelled WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and nothing has been done!

I've wanted to fire Cox (TV) for some time, as there prices are outrageous and support is incompetent.  It looks like I will have no choice, given their complete lack of care for my situation.  I urge anyone with Tivo connected to Cox to find alternatives, given Cox's repeated failures.  It could only be a matter of time for you too to lose some or all of your premium channels like me!

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    @Socal Lefty

    I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing this issue. It does appear a ticket has been created to investigate this issue. Are you receiving an error message when trying to access your premium channels?

    Jonathan J
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    what model of Tivo do you have?  Our Tivo Roamio and Bolt haven't lost any channels