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6 years ago

Thanksgiving Day Parades

I’m SAD, I grew up in Detroit, and now live in OKC. I’m sad because since 1955  it’s been my family tradition to watch Detroit’s America’s Thanksgiving Parade every Thanksgiving morning. However last year I could only find part of it at 4p.m. on Poineer Cable and now I can’t find it at all on Cox Cable, however Cox is showing the Macy’s parade on BOTH CBS and NBC,  why???? Many people don’t believe that Broadway skits and musical groups are NOT part of enjoying Thanksgiving Day. Can’t Detroit’s America’s Thanksgiving Parade be a part of Cox Cable’s schedule, it’s been voted #2 by USAToday for the last two years. 

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  • Hi Annschauzer, Cox has no control over what each network decides to air. That's completely up to each broadcast network and their programming teams. I encourage you to contact your local CBS and NBC affiliates and let them know how you feel. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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