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5 years ago

Super Bowl in 4K HDR

I see a number of distribution methods to watch Super Bowl in 4K...including traditional "cable". Is Cox delivering the Super Bowl in 4K to their customers?

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    Cox doesn't have a dedicated UHD channel in their lineup.  Meaning, other than a special event in UHD...World Series, Super Bowl, Final Four...there would be no UHD content to program.  99.99% of the time, the dedicated UHD channel would be unused.

    If Fox will broadcast the SB in UHD, Cox doesn't have a dedicated channel to "pipe" the game.

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      Fox is broadcasting the SB in UHD HDR. To bad Cox cant supply this programing to their customers. Thanks.

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        Cox customers will have the ability to watch the 2020 Super Bowl on FOX,, or through the FOX Sports app. This includes pregame coverage, the 2020 halftime show, and more. The event will also be available on 4K UHD on compatible devices. Cox customers can watch the Super Bowl in 4K on compatible devices using the FOX Sports App. Once the app is downloaded, customers can log in using their Cox username and password. For more information, visit Super Bowl 4K viewing options are not available for the 4K Contour receiver. Cox is currently working to build the infrastructure to support 4K broadcast programming.

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