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4 years ago

Substandard Cox TV Program Guide Change Nov 2020

Cox TV suddenly removed program information like talk show guest names, series' episode dates and plotlines, and movie ratings (which were, admittedly, highly subjective) from its mini-box "Guide". 

This is essentially a reduction in service and opens up Cox customers who call in to inquire about it to high-pressure, hard-sell tactics by Cox customer support for additional services or products - that's inevitable; I've experienced this unethical practice from Cox associates in various areas and on several occasions over recent years.

The problem is that Cox customers have no recourse to being nickel and dimed simply by attempting to maintain a consistent level of service.  What else can we do?  I live in a community that negotiated a rate with Cox and must pay for enhanced cable TV whether I want to or not.  Over the last six years, I've experienced gradual erosion of services simultaneous to gradual increases in rates. 

The Cox mini-box program guide has, for all intents and purposes, been eliminated.  Cox mini-box customers can do nothing about it, and Cox doesn't care. Count on it. 

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    Please see the post titled "Mini Box Episode Guide" that was started 3 days ago. There are some responses to the problem you are describing. So far no response from any Forum Moderators to explain why this is happening.