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17 days ago

Still no solution, nor satisfaction from Cox

For the past MONTH, at random times of the night, usually beginning around 10:30 PM or so (and occasionally early evening), my screen and sound begin pixilating and breaking up, and then I get the blue screen, which reads:

"Service Unavailable.

Sorry, there is currently no TV signal detected on this channel. The channel may be temporarily off the air. Please try later. If the problem continues, please contact Cox Customer Service at1-866-961-1207. Reference M.3.1.4, when calling. Alternatively, you can press the GUIDE button on your remote control on to watch programs on other channel" Then when I go to GUIDE, it says "Program Unavailable" for EVERY CHANNEL!

Not one, not two, but THREE technicians (all of whom seemed sincerely to try to find out what they THOUGHT was the issue) came out, changed boxes, remotes, cables (so I was told), and supposedly checked outside issues. Not sure what those were. Wasn't given an understandable explanation. In total, the technicians were at my residence for over 6 hours over 3 days! A huge cost of my time, I might add. 

Upon leaving, the last technician (who had brought his superior technician-who was one of the three) told me that the issue was an issue with one of the televisions needing an adaptor put on the plug, that had to be gotten through the television manufacturer.  That makes no sense at all, being that the television has always worked fine, and continues to. Then ,shortly after when I told the same technician, this time by phone, that the television set is simultaneously turning off when a wall switch for an overhead light in the room is turned to the off position, that the issue that I am having with my cable television on BOTH of my television sets, is an electric issue, that it is not a Cox issue, and that I have to get an electrician to come and take care of this. In other words, he is using this as an excuse to get out of having to continue finding out what the real cause of this problem that I have been having for a month now. I have done much research on this, and I simply cannot believe that a light switch that is allowing the input that my television plug is going into, or the wall input itself, is causing this huge problem that evidently Cox cannot figure how to fix, and feels more and more like they do not want to make the effort in checking every single possibility that could be causing this. I cannot help but feel that this is an issue that was not been corrected by the technicians that have come out (even though I am sure that they addressed areas that they THOUGHT could be causing the problem), and/or that issues OUTSIDE (poles, outside boxes, etc.) are causing BOTH of my television sets to lose their signal simultaneously.

I have also read about weather, heat and other factors contributing to signal outages. 

Whatever the problem is and that is causing it, is evidently impossible for the "experts" at Cox to find out and repair. I am losing what extremely little patience that I have left, and am planning to leave Cox once and for all if this nightly problem is not fixed once and for all by Cox. I did the math calculating that this problem that happens for 8 hours at a time, and that it has now been happening for just under the past month, and it adds up that I have had 232 hours of no signal, and hence no cable television at all during those hours. NOT acceptable!

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