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4 years ago


Why are we getting Spanish announcers for Packer-Viking Game? Commercials and half-time are English; so are other tv stations so I know it is not my tv or remote settings. My friends that have DirecTV do not have this problem.  Why is there VERY POOR SERVICE from COX?  Obviously, according to previous reports, this is not a new issue.  When will COX correct this?

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    Hey DHK, I posted this today after getting some forum tips and I fixed my problem. Hope it helps. Awesome game! (Much better now that I get it in English)...

    "Had the same problem, but watching Live. Annoying as [expletive removed] to say the least. So for mine, I went through the whole TV setup check, but it was the Cox box. (If you have the generic Cox box remote) Press the Cox Menu button => Settings => Language Options => Audio Language, and make sure Primary is selected and not SAP, which is an Alternate/Secondary Audio Programming track. I think that is the default, if you reboot your box. Anyway, I hope this helps, but again, I'm watching live, so you may need to check all your devices. Once recorded, you're kinda stuck with it I suppose. As far as the re-boot default theory, I may do some experimenting later and update this post, but NOT during the Vikings/Packers game now that I can actually hear it in English. (I'm a Primary Vikings fan, and Secondary Packers fan, so now being relocated East Coast employed, I don't get to watch a whole lot of either, and the rare Vikings/Packers matchup is a Must View for me). Cheers everyone!"