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7 years ago

Slingbox M2 and Contour Box

I have upgraded to Contour and have a back bedroom mini box Pace Xid that I want to connect to Slingbox.  Slingbox worked fine with the old Cox system.  But I cannot find a compatible box/remote on the Slingbox web site for connecting the new Contour system and remote.  I have seen on this forum a suggestion that a Comcast box would work for Cox Contour, but there is a long list of Comcast boxes on the Slingbox setup site and none of them seem to work.  I also understand Cox does not support Slingbox, so I am turning to this forum for advice.  Does anybody have Slingbox working with Controur and the Pace Xid minibox?  I bought the $69 adapter box and hooked that up and the signal goes through fine, so that is not an issue.  Thanks for any advice.

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    I had the same issue.  You need a HDMI splitter.  Not a HDMI switch.  I found mine on Amazon for 17 bucks. Also make sure to set the Contour receiver to 720p.