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10 days ago

Showtime w/paramount plus-no streaming option?

So I have HBO Max, Starz, and Showtime through Cox. I can stream Max and Starz on their apps with a link to provider (Cox) but not Showtime. It’s now part of paramount plus and there is NO way to access via link to provider Cox. From what I can tell the contour doesn’t work the same as apps. If I start watching on TV on demand, it won’t let me pick up where I left off on Contour on another device. Why isn’t Cox listed as an option to link provider? This is a bait and switch.

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    I too am very frustrated with Showtime and Paramount+ Streaming.
    I have TiVos and my own Router.
    Showtime discontinued the Showtime Anywhere App and replaced it with the Paramount+ App.

    My Bill and Account say I have "Paramount+ with SHOWTIME", however the Cox website seems to indicate that the only way to get Streaming is with a Rented Contour Box and a Panoramic WiFi Modem/Router. 

    I want my Free Streaming Without renting any additional equipment from Cox.

    Cox, Please fix this and allow customers access to Streaming with any compatible device, i.e. Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc.

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      Hi Bryan,


      This is not an issue that forum members can assist you with. Please contact us through your Social Media account, Facebook, or X (formerly Twitter) CoxHelp. You may email us at  Thank you for your patience,