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5 years ago

Service Unavailable - error

For the past several weeks, the error message "Service Unavailable" and corresponding or error, appears when selecting many stations, such as FOX, CNN. Weather Channel, TBS. This normally is preceded by the "Information Loading" error. I have reset or have had COX reset my cable cox many times to no avail. The cable box is a Contour 1  box and not a Contour 2 box. This problem is occurring on the two televisions which have Contour boxes. The one TV which has a mini-box has had no problems at all. In fact, when another HDMI cable arrives in the mail, I plan to move my boxes around. In the meanwhile, I'm using Roku to stream certain stations on my main TV. Switching back and forth is a bit of a pain though. I'd say that this was an isolated incident, but my son-in-law in my subdivision and his friends are having the exact same problem. I'm thinking that the COX systems are being overloaded by the additional at-home users due to the Coronavirus. Do I just wait it out? On Sunday, the Fox station suddenly started working for 15 minutes. Then it went out for good.          

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    Do you notice a splitter or amp connect to the coax cable? Also, check each end of the coax cable and make sure they're hand-tight and if you can bypass the splitter for testing purposes please do. If you're still having an issue after email the full-service address and full name to

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    I am having similar problems for the past 6 months. Same channels you are mentioning. I have been a COX customer since the late 1990s. They have been in my house 3 times, changed connectors. Changed connectors at box outside. Still having the problems and they charged me $150 for service. What I have noticed is that when it is windy, the channels go out. After the wind event I can reset my cable box and channels will come back on till another wind/storm event. I do not know how to get COX to understand that the problem is not in the house, or in the box outside, it is the line going to the connection that is aerial across the street. I got charged $75 for a COX Contractor to come in my house and tell me the the problem was an amplifier going to my bedroom TV. I told him it wasn't even connected and that I thought the wind and rain was the problem. He laughed at me and said that is not possible. He spent 15 minutes in my house and they charged me $75, I can't believe it! I could have went off on him talking to me like I am an Idiot, but I didn't, did not want to go to jail! I working form home right now so I don't want to rock the boat and get slow internet service right now. So I am getting Screwed by a company that I have done business with since the 90s, SO SAD!  To get this fixed I know I am going to have to walk into COX with all my equipment and say I am done before they will react and fix this problem. Sorry for the ramble but this is very frustrating when you are paying a company a lot of money for a service and they just can't seem to get it right!  I heard Ray Nagin got out of jail, maybe he can go back to COX and fix the problems they have, LOLOLOLOL

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      @Whaaat, We can look into this ongoing concern for you. Please send us an email to including your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue. Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.