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4 years ago

San Diego Padre games in Tucson

I've overpaid for my Cox basic service in Tucson for years now, for basically one reason... because they carried the network that showed the San Diego Padres games. They even had some Spring Training games this year, then.... right as the season starts, they yank it for a duplicate Arizona Sports Network that can be found further up the dial.  So that's it, I'm ready to cancel my Cox subscription and get the MLB.TV package so I can watch every Padre game again.  Uh-oh... guess not. Tucson is STILL considered a blacked out zone for Padres games on MLB, due to games being broadcast in Tucson.  Only problem? The games aren't broadcast here anymore because Cox yanked the channel!  So now I can't watch the games on cable and I can't watch the games on MLB.TV, because Cox yanked their coverage on Opening Day.  

I could've saved $200 per month by dumping my cable service back when baseball ended, had I known they were going to pull the rug out from under me. Now it turns out that I can't watch the games regardless, because for some reason Tucson is a blacked out Padre zone, 450 miles away from San Diego.  Go figure, right?  Our best years are these next two plus years I'm stuck in Tucson... now I find out I'm stuck not watching any Padre broadcasts until I move to Phoenix or somewhere else in this state, 

I'm not surprised by this move in the slightest, since I've been 99% disappointed in my cable service since I was forced back on Cox. This is just another reason on the long list of why I'm dumping them again. Thanks for nothing, Cox! I'll be searching for a new wi-fi carrier and continuing my streaming services that are much cheaper than cable has been. If anybody knows of a cheap, reliable wi-fi carrier in midtown Tucson, let me know! 

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