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5 years ago

ROVI out??

I am reading almost 1 year old forums about ROVI being phased out and all ROVI TV receivers being 'Retired'.  Why do I only get this OLD NEWS from this COX forum??   2 weeks ago I first read about ROVI....but some of these forums are 1 year old.....where is or was Cox's notice.    TV Receivers outdated I first see in my APRIL 2019 invoice.  NOTHING FROM COX IN ANY INVOICE about ROVI EQUIPMENT.   I have been requesting a LIST of ALL outdated equipment....NO LIST...but now they say it's ROVI....and today another example of HARASSMENT....ESPN & ESPN2 removed.....goes along with TCM, 8 movie pak channels, MTV, MLB, NO HD since May 8th......just MARVELOUS treatment to someone NEVER LATE in  over 10 years...................

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    All "outdated" receivers have Rovi.  I don't think a lot of users knew what Rovi was unless they watched their cable-box reboot.  Maybe they did...I can't remember...Rovi may have been emblazoned in the Guide somewhere.

    Anyway, it's not that Rovi is outdated.  It's that your cable-box is outdated because it can't decode the low-bandwidth compression of MPEG4 programs...that's why you're missing channels...and I’m sure Cox no longer wants to keep paying the licensing fees to keep using Rovi.

    I just swapped boxes and Contour is okay.  I waited a long time to "upgrade" because Rovi was initially only available with DVR service.  And it hate replacing something that worked.

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      GREAT...who at COX IT has SENIOR experience to view & acknowledge that unauthorized access to my TV broadcast, then Internet redirection has been occuring,,,,,,acknowledgement.....not trouble...and you do not pick & choose what channels to remove on a daily or weekly basis,  And if I have no notice about rovi or receivers until my April do you guys 11+ months ago comment about it????