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6 years ago

Reminder box on screen--How to guttered of it permanently

Reminders of programs pop up on the screen requiring a person to get up, crab the remote dismiss the reminder before one can continue to watch regular program.  How do i disable this irritation?

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  • Hi Jude8888, it sounds like someone has set up a show reminder, or perhaps a series reminder, through the on-screen Guide. You can view and modify these reminders through the Contour 2 "Saved" menu. Press the Contour button on your remote and navigate to the Saved menu. In the Saved menu, use the right arrow button to navigate to the Scheduled section. Reminders will appear as a View Option on the left. The default view for DVR accounts will be "Recordings". The only view for non-DVR accounts will be "Reminders". Highlight the reminder that you want to modify and press OK. Highlight "Reminder Options" and press OK. "Cancel Reminder" will be highlighted, so press OK and confirm to cancel the reminder. Please let us know if this helps! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator