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4 years ago

recording on Contour

I am new to cox, just bought the service, recorded the final US Open Tennis Men's. It recorded 3 hours and left me a set plus short of finishing. What kind of silly service is this, I am about a minute from cancelling the whole dang TV Service.

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    Contour 2 used to have an auto-extend feature for some sports events that extended recording when the event ran longer than the scheduled time.  I don't know if it still has this feature or if it ever applied to tennis.  But, whether you have a Contour 1 or a Contour 2 receiver, you can manually extend the time for recorded programs.  In the case of sports events, that don't necessarily have an exact end time, setting the recording for extra time at the end is the way to ensure that you record the entire event.

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      Thanks, thats what I used to do years ago with Direct TV, thought maybe these machines were smarter now, guess not.