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2 months ago

Picture trouble

I've been having trouble with pictures freezing or breaking up. I was also getting  the message that 'we're having problems on our end - station not working - try again in a few seconds. I thought it might be my old Contour 2 box - I went to the Cox store in Fairfax and swapped out my old box. I installed my new box with the new remote and wiring - same problem. "there seems to be a problem on our end - wait a few seconds and try again. Other stations either freeze or break up. I checked all   my connections - all tight. Is Cox having problems? I haven't checked outside. Inside I only have the 1 box and 1 TV and everything's tight. I've tried refreshing the system and rebooting - no effect. What's going on? Your website says there's no problem.

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      I'm sorry, but this forum was clearly

      labeled as Cox Community - TV

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    Was this issue ever solved. I am too having the same with picture locking up, sound still goes on or sound shuts down or picture and sound freeze.

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      What you have described is an issue with the signal levels. That can be caused by a bad cable wire, a loose connections, or a bad splitter. If you have splitters you can access, replace them, as well as any cable wires you can, from the cable boxes to the wall, modems, etc etc. If that's doesn't help, a trouble call is in order, you will need to contact cax, (call), and request a trouble call. If it's an issue outside the home, delivery of service to the home, there is no charge. If it's an issue at the audit box to the inside of the home, unless you have Cox Complete Care, (I think it's 10$ a month, it could be more now), then to repair indoor wiring, is a 75$ trouble call  charge.