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2 months ago

Picture time out

I would’ve replied to the correct thread (, but apparently they don’t want anymore discussion about this. So, I’m starting a new thread.

I understand SDV, I understand saving the planet by conserving energy and I also understand lower overhead in the name of bigger profit. The last piece is the true root of the problem.

It shouldn’t matter why I want a single channel on for more than 6 hours. I pay my bill every month, which SHOULD give me a full month on a single channel if that’s what I desire.

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  • Do not use this service. Inspite of informing them that you don't need services anymore, they'll still keep sending you bills and then threaten you to be referred to a collection agency if you don't pay up. Extortionists. The people on their helpline are local and extremely rude, full of s*** and of no help. Any decent company would automatically disconnect even if one doesn't pay. But not these guys. They won't disconnect, and continue to send you bills then threaten you with a collection agency.

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