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5 years ago

Picture has shrunk

Now there is a black border on left and right.

Called Cox. Tried everything. Nothing worked.  Changed "Wide" and Aspect" setting on TV and cable. Still nothing.

The cable box on screen graphic has shrunk as well no matter the function selected.

Sony XBR-43X830C

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    Hello, are you experiencing issues with the minibox or Contour receivers? Are you using a zoom or stretch feature? Stretching and zooming may distort the image or cut off some of the videos. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Did you recently change anything?  Cox was in the process of remapping the channels.  Meaning, channels below 1000 were SD and 1000+ HD.  If you have Contour, you can avoid all that by opting to populate the Guide with only HD channels.

    The cable box and TV negotiate the resolution and aspect ratio of the image.  There should be an option for your preference in your software.  If you have Contour, Contour Button > Settings (gear icon) > Device Settings > Video Display.