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3 years ago

PHX: TiVo works without tuning adapter

Much to my surprise and delight, my TiVo boxes seem to work fine without having to use a tuning adaper.  I haven't found a channel I am subscribed to that doesn't work, this includes HBO.  Does anyone know if COX abandoned SDV in Phoenix?

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    This is Not true in SE Phoenix feed off the Chandler Head-End.
    Still most channels above 1100 require a Tuning adapter for me. Most all channels in the Variety and Movie Paks still require a Tuning Adapter. Also most of the HBOs and SHOs also require a Tuning Adapter.
    The Chandler Head-End has also been very slow to roll out the MPEG-4 conversion, While family members in Glendale have seen a much broader rollout of MPEG-4.